Vastravel Chinese Celery Light Yellow NON-GMO Vegetable 1000 Seeds

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Sow celery seeds indoors before last frost, or direct sow seeds outside after last frost.
Plant seeds about 1/8″ under soil surface, with 12″ between plants and 24″ – 30″ between rows.


  • Also Known As : Khan Choy , Oriental Celery , Apium graveolens . This variety has white stem and yellow heart. Yummy NON-GMO vegetable.
  • Chinese celery , or khan choy, is the same species as the European variety most people in the West are familiar with, Apium graveolens, but it has a number of important differences. Chinese celery has much thinner stalks and a stronger taste than its European relative.
  • This Chinese celery grows small green leaves with light white petioles and yellow heart. It is very aromatic, even seedlings have a nice celery flavor. Tender, crisp, aromatic stalks.
  • Celery plants need a lot of moisture and thrive in the cooler temperatures of spring and fall. Prepare fertile, well-drained soil.
  • Packed in zip-lock plastic bags; Growing instruction included.


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