Root Farm Base Nutrient

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Root farm base nutrient when combined with a root farm supplement provides the nutrition needed to start a hydroponic garden & help your crops to flourish from the start. Specially formulated for hydroponic gardening, this liquid nutrient is suitable for growing all types of plants, during all stages of the plant growth cycle. When root farm base nutrient (part 1) is combined with a root farm supplement nutrient (part 2), they deliver the key nutrients your plants need for every phase of their growth cycle. Great for use with both water-based & media-based hydroponic gardening.


  • When combined with a root farm supplemental nutrient (part 2), root farm base nutrient delivers key nutrients your plants need to flourish from the start, and through all phases of their growth cycle
  • Select the appropriate root farm supplemental nutrient (part 2) based on the type of plant you wish to grow
  • For water-based systems, Root Farm Hydro Garden System, or with soil-less media including Root Farm Hydro Garden Potting Mix and Root Farm Hydro Garden Coco Coir in Root Farm felt garden pots
  • Can be used to grow all plant types
  • Feed chart on the label provides instructions for how to prepare the nutrient solution


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