Organic Pomegranate Fruit Tree Seeds, 20+ Premium Quality Tree Seeds, 90% Germination, Punica Granatum Red Seeds

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  • 🍊Pomegranates are deciduous shrubs or small trees, which are evergreen trees in the tropics. The crown of the tree is naturally rounded. The roots are yellowish brown. Strong growth, roots are prone to roots. The height of the tree can reach 5-7m, usually 3-4m, but the dwarf pomegranate is only about 1m or shorter. The trunk is gray-brown with a knob-like projection on it, and the stem is mostly twisted to the left.
  • 🍊Light and temperature are important conditions that affect flower bud formation. The growing period requires full sunlight, and the more light, the more vivid the flowers. The leeward, sunny, and dry environment is conducive to flower bud formation and flowering. When the light is insufficient, only the long leaves will not bloom, which will affect the viewing effect. Suitable growth temperature 15-20 ° C, winter temperature should be less than -18 ° C, otherwise it will be frozen
  • 🍊The tree poses beautifully, the branches and leaves are beautiful, the early spring leaves are green and graceful; the summer flowers are bright and colorful; the autumn fruit is hanging, or the plants are planted in the courtyard, the corner of the garden, the planting in the door, the planting Beside the small road, the stream, the slope, and the building, it is also advisable to make a variety of piles and flowers for flower arrangement.
  • 🍊Plants can be planted or changed in the autumn after the fall leaves to the spring of the next year. The ground plant should be selected from sunny, leeward and slightly elevated places. The soil should be loose, fertile and well drained. The potted plant is made of mixed soil of humus soil, the same soil and river sand, and an appropriate amount of decomposed organic fertilizer is added. When planting, bring a soil mass, and the above ground part should be properly cut and trimmed. After plan
  • 🍊The pomegranate needs to be pruned every year; it can be made into a single dry round head shape, or it can be formed by a multi-dry plexus, or it can be strongly trimmed into a dwarf flat-headed crown. In the result-stage, the summer long-hearted and short-cut in the autumn should be carried out on the long branches, avoiding the secondary branches and the third branches at the top, so that they can store nutrients, so as to form the mother branches of the leap year, and at the same time, cut


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