LED Grow Light, 36 LEDs Grow Lamp Bulb, 360° Flexible, 3/6/12H Timer, 5 Dimmable Levels for Indoor Plants Hydroponics Greenhouse Gardening Plant [2018 UPGRADED]

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Power: Max 18W
Material: PVC
Input voltage: 5V
Lumen output: 300lm
LED Chips: Red : Blue = 24 : 12
Wavelength: Red:660nm
Life time: 50000 hours
Light color: Red Blue
Certification: RoHS CE FCC UL

【Pacage include】
1 x Dual head LED grow light ,1 x User manual , 1 x USB Charger

【Before you choose Tiiante Led grow light, here are some tips for you】
1. What kind of plants you can grow with our led grow lights?
Flower Plants: Medical Plants, Tomatoes, Pepper, Rose, pepper and other plants,Herbs and leafy vegetables: Lettuce, bok choy ect Indoor potted landscape.
2. Why is red light important for plants?Why is blue light important for plants?
Red light is very important to plant reproduction.
Phytochrome pigments absorb the red and far red portions of the light spectrum and regulate seed germination, root development, tuber and bulb formation,dormancy, flowering and fruit production.
Blue light stimulates Chlorophyll production more than any other color, encouraging thick leaves, strongstems and compact vegetative growth.

Why Choose Us?
1. All of our LED grow lights are designed by a specific LED grow light engineer with many years experience .
2. Our LED grow lights have been tested by real world Lettuce ,rose and tomatoes growing experiments , we tested all of our products before bringing them to the marketplace .

【Reminder 】
1. Would be better to keep the distance between the light and plant about 20-60 cm, far away from plants to avoid burning leaves. then it won’t burn leaves. Turn on the lights 6-14 hours/day, DO NOT make your plants in photosynthetic all the time, they need rest too.
2. Generally this grow light should be turned on for 5 hours one time, 2 times every day.


  • 【Extremely user friendly and is very easy to set up】-USB connector, you can choose to plug into a wall outlet or an USB interface. strong metal clip, 3 ways to fix the clamp (Clip, Screw or Stick),use it pretty much anywhere. The double goosenecks can be rotated to any angle and thus you can lengthen and shorten the distance between lamps and houseplants. This considerate design of our plant light ensures a large lighting coverage to satisfy growth needs of houseplants.
  • 【3 Light Mode】-Press the switch button for the first time, “A” light on ,Press the switch button for the Second time,” B” light on , Press the switch button for the third time, both light on , Different plants can get the light at the same time.
  • 【Timer Control & Dimmable Brightness】- Equipped with timer, out light can be set up to turn off automatically after 3 hour / 6 hour / 12 hours of working;
  • 【Dimmable】-5 dimmable brightness levels from 20%, 40%,60%,80% and 100% to adjust light intensity, give you more freedom to adjust light to meet different plants need, protect your plants and cut down your electric bills.
  • 【Red+Blue light】-36 LED Plant Growing Beads (24 red & 12 blue) .This upgrade version is ultra bright,12 BLUE bulbs help plants with chlorophyll synthesis to intake more energy for better germination. 24 RED bulbs contribute to photosynthesis, germination, flowering and results.Tiiante Guarantee: Any question, please send message to “”


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