Grow Light,36W Full Spectrum Grow Lamp with C-Clamps-Auto ON &Off with 4/8/12H Timer 360 Degree Triple Head Flexible Gooseneck-8 Dimmable Levels for Indoor Herb Garden

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-When you are away on official business, do you worry about the growth of plants at home?
-Do you worry that if there is not enough sunlight to provide energy for your plants when there is continuous rain?
-Do you worry that the result will dissatisfied you when your plant blossoms?

What Make Us Different from Others?
Two-way Timer
Our plant grow light built-in two way timer, it can turn on and off by itself every day, so when you are on vacation or away
for weekend, you don’t need to worry about your plants anymore! (This is really important, you don’t want a grow light
asks you to turn on manually every day)

This LED grow light is convenient for most of potted landscape and indoor plants(including hydroponics):
Improve flower quality and lengthen flowering time, including roses, chrysanthemum, peony, tulip etc.
Improve the growth and taste of vegetables like tomatoes, chili/peppers, lemon tree, herbs etc.
Promote the growth of potted plants, such as succulents, ball cactus, aloe plant, burros tail, dudleya etc.

– It is advisable to maintain a distance of 1.7 to 3.4 feet between the light and the plant.
– This grow light should be exposed to the plant twice a day with each session lasting for 6 hours for effective growth.

How the cyclical timing function work?
For example, we plug the grow light into the outlet, and then turn it on, it’s 10:00 AM; Next we set up the timer to turn
off after 6 hours, that is to say it will turn off itself automatically at 4:00 PM. Keep the wall plug stay in the outlet,
it will turn itself on and off at the corresponding time next day, and then does the job every day, just like this. Amazing Designing!

Package Included:

1 x LED Grow Light

1 x User Manual


  • 🌷🌷🌷【AUTO ON/OFF EVERY DAY】This is the latest timing function plant light, you can not only set it up for lighting 4 hour / 8 hour / 12 hours, but also adjust the brightness of the light and the distance between the light and plant according to plant needs.MOST IMPORTANT: It will turn on and off automatically EVERY DAY after you set time. Let it takes care of your favorite plants even when you are on vacation or away.
  • 🌹🌹🌹【18 LED Beads & 8 Dimmable Levels 】18 LED Plant Growing Beads (12 red & 6 blue) .This upgrade version is ultra bright, lower heat and lower power consumption, high luminous efficiency and long service life. It has 8 Dimmable Levels brightness, allows you to optimize light so that your indoor plants or hydroponic plants will grow stronger and healthier.
  • 🍀🍀🍀【Rapider Improve Growing】Can promote the growth of the leaves and rhizome, protein synthesis,blossom and bearing fruit. With the lighting by Relassy Grow Light 10 hours per day, the plants grow 3 times faster than natural grown. Bring a 15% increase in the yield(the data from our customer feedback).
  • 🍃🍃🍃【Best Red/Blue LED Combination】Blue Light influences the formation of chlorophyll, enabling the plant to intake more energy. Plants that receive plenty of blue light grow with strong, healthy stems and leaves. Red Lights contributes to the optimal development. It’s essential to a plant’s early life for seed germination, root growth, and bulb development.
  • 👍👍👍【High Quality】We have FCC, CE, ROHS PSE certified; Standard US plug, with 5.7 ft long cable length; high quality LED with 50000 hours(5 years) lifetime; 360 degree swivel gooseneck;sturdy metal clamp; 60 DAYS MONEY BACK policy and 12 months manufacturer’s warranty . Any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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