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FD Coco Coir is a 5 kg (11lbs), compressed coco coir(pith) block. Harvested from the husks of coconuts, coco coir has many benefits over peat moss. Originally thought to be a waste product, coir is now the leading substitute for peat moss. With coir’s growing awareness, many users are realizing that you can also grow 100% in the medium, that is as long as some sort of nutrients are added. A renewable and sustainable medium,

FD Coco Coir is superior to peat moss because it holds up to 10x its weight in water. Unlike peat moss, FD Coco Coir does not clump and allows irrigation and root penetration. Coconuts have high lignin content and therefore FD Coco Coir will not degrade as rapidly as peat moss, allowing for multiple seasons use from just one product.

FD Coco Coir can be used 100% as a growing medium, for custom soil mixes, as a potting soil, or for seed propagation. After hydration, the block will expand to about 2.5 cubic feet (appx. 15 Gallons) of growing medium. FD Coco Coir does not attract insects and is not harmful to pets.

Fibredust produces consistently quality coco coir growth medium products just for you. Soil blend science has proved that adding coconut coir to the mix improves aeration, drainage and moisture retention. For Organic gardening, you can blend it with compost to increase yield and great harvest. Join the sustainable eco-friendly movement to coconut coir substrate products!



  • 1 block expands to 2.5 cubic feet (around 15 Gal) of growing medium after hydrating with 5 to 7 gallons of water
  • Organics Material Review Institute(OMRI) Listed product
  • High-grade coconut coir with low EC (Less than .8) and optimum pH levels of around 5.8 to 6.8, Prewashed to remove Salt
  • Perfect for cuttings, seeds, plants, vegetables, hydroponics, mushrooms and worm farms
  • Professional grade as used by Hydroponic and other large scale growers around the world


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