300 Dwarf Sunflower Asteraceae Seeds ~Chris’s Garden

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3-8 month planting season. bunch planting, the optimum germination temperature 15-18 degrees centigrade. After sowing to be cover 1 to 2 cm thick medium to maintain humidity required for germination and germination of 7-14 days after sowing.
Suitable for flower-planting, plant height 40 cm, disk diameter of 3 cm, the main flowering stem, adaptable, can also be potted, indoor seasons, and can be grown all over.
Sunflowers can bloom all year round, the secret is “temperature”. Plant growth process, as long as the accumulation of a certain temperature, the plant can bloom.


  • PLANT HEIGHT: General plant height 1.3 feet
  • TEMPERATURE: 59-86℉
  • SOIL: Adaptability is very strong, the requirements of the soil is not strict
  • Contain Color printing planting guide.


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